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      Welcome to the official website of Weihai Xiangda Marine Co., Ltd!
      ——————  WEIHAI XIANGDA MARINE CO.,LTD  ——————

      Weihai Xiangda Marine Co., Ltd.was established in 2010. The company integrates design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of one-stop services, and customizes according to customer needs: entertainment boats, sports boats, sporting goods, glass fiber manufacturing, diving salvage equipment, RV cars. The company has a professional technical team for boat design, manufacturing, sales and operation, and more than 100 employees; There are four series of products, 16 products, a total of more than 260 models, won a number of patents, and obtained the Italian ship professional organization issued CE certificate. The company's products are deeply loved by customers at home and abroad for their outstanding advantages such as reliable quality .....

      • 4 series

      • 16 products

      • More than 260 models

      • Company was founded on

      • The company has hundreds of employees

      • Tel:0631-5389188



        Add:Gushan Town, Weihai China

      • Mr Li(General manager)

        Tel: +86-631-5389189 

        Fax: +86-631-5389187 

        Mail: lmq@xdboat.com

      • Contacts: Mr Bian 

        Tel: +86-0631-5389188

        Fax: +86-0631-5389187

        Mail: michael@xdboat.com

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